Bangla Keyboard Free Download for Windows Xp/7/8/10

Bangla Keyboard is the most essential keyboard for any Individual and Organization for typing Bengali Word on Pc. Bengali Keyboard enables you to type Bangla Word easily on your computer by Bangla fonts such as SutonnyMJ, Siyam Rupali, Siyam Rupali ANSI.There are mainly two Bengali typing software available for Computer one is Bijoy Bayanno and another is Avro Keyboard. In this article you will be able to know about the most two popular Keyboards Bijoy Bayanno and Avro keyboard.Both two keyboards are supporting Unicode the main difference between those keyboards are one is using full Unicode method and other is Phonetic.

Bijoy Keyboard Free Download

The inventor of Bijoy Bayanno is Mr. Mustafa Jabbar a veteran freedom fighter of 1971, is known for his information and communication technology.The most popular Bangla keyboard is Bijoy Bayanno and it already has for windows version, Mac Version, Linux Version.Almost majority of Organization has been using Bijoy bayanno for typing Bengali, Making Documents, Designing and other purpose. It is a powerful Bangla typing Software and has easy User Interface.Bijoy Bainano 2012 Edition has been released it supports all kinds of operating systems of Windows.Every Year it has been officially updating by Ananda Computer. Bijoy Bayanno 2018 latest version available and already updating for 2019.

There are different version of Bijoy Keyboard for different Operating system such as Bijoy Ekushe, Bijoy Ekattor, Bijoy Bayanno

Bijoy Ekushe (Windows / Linux)

This is the first time for Bangla users in Linux, the converging encoding system has been used to write Bengali using Bijoy keyboard. This system can be used by the current version of Bijoy Bangla software, and can be made available in Linux.

Bijoy Ekattor (Windows / Mac)

Mac version of Bijoy Ekatore is a full Bangla software. This includes Bijoy Classic, Bijoy Ekattor and Unicode encoding. There was never a single and unicode encoding before the Macintosh. The conquest of the Victory Classic was in that compactable with Windows. It can exchange information with the Windows version of Conquest. It does not have to use any converter. It also works on all Mac OS applications and Also Bijoy Ekattor Windows version id available.

Bijoy Bayanno (Windows)

The Bijoy Baynno is for only Windows operating system it supports both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit windows Xp/7/8/10 operating system.

Avro Keyboard Free Download

Avro Keyboard is the first free ANSI- and Unicode-compliant Bangla language keyboard for Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux keyboards. Avro keyboard is another popular Bengali Keyboard for typing Bangla on computer, Avro Keyboard supports most modern English to Bangla phonetic typing method. Write anywhere “ami banglay gan gai”, it will be automatically typed – “আমি বাংলায় গান গাই”। Avro keyboard supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system for Windows Xp/7/8/10.

Avro Keyboard was born in the 26th March, 2003 (The Independence Day of Bangladesh), bringing a new era in Bangla computing. It’s flexible, gorgeous, feature rich, totally customizable, user friendly and already has a lot of typing automation tools that you have never imagined! Avro Keyboard, simply the Best Bangla Typing Software, breaks all old records, wipes out obstacles, rewrites history and recreates tradition!

Avro Keyboard Popular Features

  • Phonetic Typing
  • Traditional Keyboard Layout Based Typing Touch Typing
  • Easy Mouse Based Bangla Typing Mouse Based Typing
  • Bangla spell checker Bangla Spell Checker
  • Unicode & ANSI Typing Unicode & ANSI Typing
  • Customizable
  • Type anywhere
  • Flexible Interface
  • Two User Interface Modes
  • Automatic Keyboard mode and Input Language Tracking
  • Layout Viewer

Avro keyboard also has Different types of versions for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating System and it has a portable version for windows named Avro Keyboard (Portable Edition) for Windows.

Avro Keyboard for Windows
Unicode/ANSI supported Bangla typing software & Spell Checker for Windows. Supports Windows 2000 to Window 8.

Avro Keyboard (Portable Edition) for Windows
An special portable edition of Avro Keyboard that can run from portable drive on any machine & doesn’t need any installation or pre-installed Bangla fonts.

iAvro for Mac OS X
Native full featured Avro Phonetic for Mac OS X. Supports Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion.

ibus-avro for Linux
Full featured Avro Phonetic for Linux. Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE are officially supported.

Download Latest Version of Avro Keyboard

Direct Download Link / Mirror


Avro Keyboard (portable download)


Avro for Mac Os Download

SO, Hope all of you guys will be able to Download Bengali Keyboards for Free and enjoy those keyboard for typing Bangla on computer.If you have any questions about Bangla Keyboard Free Download for Windows Xp/7/8/10 comment below.

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